Honest to Goodness
Real Pit-Cooked B.B.Q

About Brad's Bar-B-Q
About 40 years ago in Memphis, Brad began cooking fresh pork over live coals. People liked his barbecued pork, beans and slaw so much, thaty Brad's had become a tradition. Brad's is a family owned business run by the same folks who started it. 
Our slow-simmered hot and mild sauces over real pit-cooked BBQ is done exactly the same way today as it was back then. People come to three locations, one in Bartlett, one in Moscow, and one in Oakland, to enjoy this southern taste treat.
In a day when some "BBQ" restaurants cook with alternative methods and use store bought sauces and artificial smoke, Brad's maintains its traditional family method of slow cooking for hours over hickory and making everything from scratch. This gives Brad's Honest To Goodness Barbecue the most succulent and delicious taste you're going to find in these parts.